We’re moving into an RV. Seriously.

One of my closest companions said to me months back that she and her family are considering traveling and staying in with best agm charger for RV full-time in just about a few months from now (2019), and at the time, I thought, “Gracious, fun! Bravo.” And I didn’t consider for a solitary second more that I would do that with my family as well. In any case, God works in entertaining ways and the idea was somehow planted in me.

So one day this winter we use Best Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger, when my husband got back home from work and looked, as he frequently does, like the shade of life was depleted from his face since his job had taken the greater part of his strength (need I add that he’s a physician assistant in an emergency room), we sat down and talked about certain things that needs to change in our lives and how we intend going about them. Furthermore, this is when the seed planted in me initially started to develop. “Imagine a scenario where,” I stated, “We moved into an RV”

And so we did it.

I know you’re currently thinking what I’ll be doing on the road all this time? I intend blogging here and in addition on our new TBD blogging that will center on our new way of life (more information will be provided we have everything figured out!). Indeed, that implies I have to figure out how to bake and cook in a VEHICLE. So that’ll be fascinating/ideally fun. I sure hope I can keep the start with Inverter for RV as consistent with “typical” kitchen standards as could be expected under the circumstances, yet that is something that should grow on its own as we get out there and give it a go. I also do not have any plans on quitting the part-time job that has kept me going for a while, something for which I am greatly thankful. This part particularly had me worked up because I really love the job and my colleagues and it will be difficult to abandon the recipe development or my jo at this time. In any case, I am so cheerful I will have the capacity to keep ties with them in a new way while out and about.

My husband, on the other hand Best Solar Panels for RV, will have to quit as a doctor aide (clearly). Rather, he’ll be concentrating his energies on another business we’ve begun (yes, something different that is under wraps right about now but I promise to share all really soon!) and in addition the new lifestyle blog we are making. He hopes to accomplish more off-camera work for GVD, and I am so delighted about that. It is somewhat of a chaotic situation in the background of the blog with regards to everything but I’m sure the content will justify it all. So I’m confident he can keep the gears functioning admirably behind the scenes of this blog. But until then, we’ll be furiously pressing, planning, purging and squeezing ourselves as we ask ourselves for likely the 400th time, “Would we say we are truly doing this?”

Indeed, yes we are and I can boldly say we are prepared.