The Avengers: Movie Review

May 12, 2012 by 

The Avengers have finally assembled on the silver screen, and boy, did they avenge the Earth as its mightiest heroes. I could just hoot and holler, and that would sum up this movie perfectly. However, I will try to do better. First, let me state that, as a comic book nerd, I go into allsuperhero movies with lips pursed and eyes squinted, looking for things they’ve done wrong. Sorry, it’s an annoying quality all comic book geeks have in common.

I’m happy to report that the pursed lips gave way to a chorus of woo hoo’s as soon as the movie started. It was nothing short of amazing, and I actually have no major complaints.

Notice that I said I have no major complaints. Let’s get the minor complaints out of the way.



The Hulk

At times, Bruce Banner would say awkward things like, “What if that other guy comes out?” It was just weird. The audience and everyone in the film surely must know that he means the Hulk. Why not just say it? It was almost as if saying the Hulk would change him. Well, it does not. Traditionally, anger is what brings on the change, which brings me to my next complaint.


“You wouldn’t like me… cause I’m always angry?”

At the start of the movie, we see the Hulk change and chase down Black Widow (Natasha Romanov) out of anger. This is fine. We all know the classic line, “you won’t like me when I’m angry.” Yet, later in the movie, Banner shows up during a battle scene and transforms into the Hulk seemingly on his own. Before doing so, he says something weird like, “That’s my secret, you see, I’m always angry.”

Umm, okay…

This is confusing for some reason. In the comics, there are actually two kinds of Hulk. Dumb Hulk, my personal favorite, and then later on, co-conscious Hulk. The latter is aware of the change, and is able to remain in control, to an extent. Still, even co-conscious Hulk has to get angry. My fiancé and I have a theory about why this thing happened in the film. If you recall, a series of movies was released before the Avengers, one of which was The Incredible Hulk, released in 2008. At the end of this film, we see Banner’s (portrayed then by Edward Norton) eyes go green, and it looks as if he is attempting to control the change. In the Avengers, Banner hints that he’s always keeping himself on the brink of the change, I’m guessing, so that he can control it.

Now, we can move on to what I loved most about the movie

Natasha Romanov (Black Widow)

Before seeing the film, I was a little worried that Black Widow wouldn’t get the screen time the character deserves. In the comics, Black Widow plays a huge role in the Avenger Initiative, so I was glad that the case was the same in the film. She got as much play as the hot boys, and was appropriately intelligent and bad ass.

I also loved that the movie just started. It jumped into the action, and I don’t remember being bored once.

The Hot Boys

My absolute favorite part of the movie was that all the heroes got equal screen time, and everything about them was true to the previous films, and the comic books. I mean, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye… that’s a lot of superhero to fit on one screen, and they did it very well. Sure, we don’t see as much of the Hulk, but that’s true to comic book lore. After all, Hulk just wants to be left alone.

The banter between the heroes was funny as hell, and again, true to how they interacted in the comics. My favorite line came from Thor. “You humans are all so petty… and tiny.” Oh, speaking of Thor, let me interject one more complaint here. In the film Tony Stark refers to Thor as a demi-god. He is not. He is a god. The god of lightning. 

Anyway, I also loved watching Stark zapping Banner in an attempt to get him to go green. Fantastic!

Bitchin’ Action

The action was just plain bitchin’. When Hulk grabbed Loki and smashed his ass all over the place, I was in nerd heaven. The scene was made even better when Hulk walks away and mutters, “Puny god.”

YES! I couldn’t ask for more in a movie. Well, as the movie ended, I did find myself wanting one more thing, and they even gave me that. It was Stan Lee’s classic cameo.

“Superheroes? In New York City? Yeah, right!”

The Avengers was even better than The Dark Knight, and seeing as how Batman is my favorite superhero, I don’t say that lightly. It was without question, the best comic book movie created to date.