No other country is willing to tolerate this particular brand of barbarism.

It gets harder each time to know how to respond to the news that there has been another mass shooting. They are not shocking, not even the slightest bit surprising. There are many wonderful things about America, but there is a terrifying intersection here also in our beliefs about guns and our beliefs about mental illness, in the ways our beliefs are expressed in our laws and in the allocations of our resources, in what we have been taught to value and in what those values cause us to do to one another and to allow to be done in our names. I've been dodging calls all week from Planned Parenthood. I'm a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood, but I don't want to be asked for money in the wake of the attack on their Colorado facility. Because I do not believe that shooting had much to do with abortion rights. As I do not believe the Dylann Roof shootings had much to do with racism. Mental illness clutches onto this issue or that issue, those who suffer from it develop obsessions that reflect larger cultural tumult and pathology, but those issues are not the issue. I cried tears of relief when James Holmes was spared the death penalty by one hold-out juror. My heart aches for his parents. And for him. My heart aches for all of us living in a country whose politicians are beholden to the NRA, an organization whose mission is to sell more guns, and whose mentally ill, so many unable to afford any treatment at all, wander our streets and the aisles of our gun stores. And today, the news of another shooting. We don't know yet the stories of those pulling the triggers in San Bernadino or the names of their weapons or the names of their victims. But we do know that no other country chooses to live the way we live.

10 Best Digital Soil pH Meter – Digital Meter for Experts and Beginner Grower

For every grower, from expert farmers to home gardeners, a pH meter is absolutely required tool. A proper pH level is essential for the optimal growth of plants and vegetables. The best way to know the current condition of your soil, figure out what type of fertilizer and how much fertilizer it need is testing it. There are some types of soil pH meter to choose from. In this article, I would like to introduce some of the Best Digital Soil pH meters. The digital pH meters like ones I’m going to review below, are more convenient and accurate than other soil testing method like chemical dye or strip test. Digital tester often regarded as the most trustworthy equipment for monitoring soil quality.

Top 10 Digital Soil pH Meter 2021

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#1 Lustre Leaf 1605 Rapitest Digital Soil Test Kit

If you are looking for the pH meter that comes from reliable, industry leader company, Lustre Leaf 1605 Rapitest is excellent option to pick. Luster Leaf Products, Inc., is a pioneer in outdoor garden tools, it has been in business for 60 years. The Luster Leaf digital tester gives you quick and simple measurements of your soil's pH and NPK levels. The meter will show the result of N, P, K level on a scale and indicate the nutrient in your soil is excess, sufficient or deficient. It also shows the pH level of the soil. Especially, it comes with a handbook with advice for enriching soil for over 450 different types of plants. Amazon best-selling product B0963HYQYT CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#2 Cyann Soil PH Meter, 4-in-1 Soil Tester

Cyann soil pH meter is one of the most reliable and best-selling meter on the market. This 4-in-1 soil tester allows to monitor soil moisture, pH, temperature, and plant sunlight intensity. This 2021 new version of Cyann meter is improved the needle detection technology for greatly improves detection speed and accuracy. It features large LCD display with green backlight for easy to see and 8.07 inches probe. I love the small, convenient and compact design of this meter. Amazon best-selling product B06XKMH86J CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#3 VIVOSUN pH and TDS Meter Combo

This digital meter features a LCD screen to show the result. It has two meters: a yellow one for pH testing and a blue one for detecting total dissolved solids. This meter can measure pH level for water or any type of liquid as well as soil.

For measuring soil pH, mixing a sample in water. It is a wonderful tool for gardening since it measures the whole pH range from 0 to 14, and it is accurate and quick. Aside from your garden soil, you also can use it for your aquarium and freshwater. With this device, if you have pH or nutritional issues, you can fix them more quickly. Amazon best-selling product B003PD2N8Q CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#4 Bluelab METCOM Combo Meter

For expert gardeners, this Meter is excellent. The pH, conductivity, and temperature of are all tested by this device to see if any changes or nutrients are required. The 716441 Bluelab Combo Meter is a lightweight and compact device that fits nicely in a pocket and you can easy carry it when wearing gardening gloves. It also comes with a large display screen for easy to see and only one button allows quickly calibration. Amazon best-selling product B099DN3258 CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#5 MASiKEN 5-in-1 Digital Soil Test Meter

This one of the modernist soil tester out there. Masiken meter is multiple purposes device with 5 functions. It features a big LCD screen that show easy-to-read different data of soil temperature, moisture, light Illuminance, acidity, and environment hygrometer. The display has green backlight so you can read the data even in dark condition. It's comes with a durable needle that is difficult to damage a single needle sensor. If you not utilized the meter for 5 minutes, automatic shutdown features can help conserve energy. The new chip eliminates the problem of earlier versions that provide incorrect readings. Amazon best-selling product B0032WFD4G CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#6 Luster Leaf Digital Moisture Meter

This moisture meter, as its name implies, provides digital readings, what is more reliable and accurate than others. The moisture levels are monitored in real time, and the results are easy to read thanks to the simple digital display. The meter comes with a list of the most popular varieties of plants. This meter was designed and manufactured in America by Luster Leaf. It also shows you the pH and moisture levels. It is considered as the best pH soil meter since it advises the grower about the time and the amount of water. Furthermore, this meter features a long stainless-steel probe that can capture root-level measurements. Amazon best-selling product B00CJIDFAS CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#7 Bluelab PENSOILPH pH Pen for Soil

Bluelab pH pen provides very precise acid/alkaline findings, for even commercial farmer, hydroponic or backyard garden growers. The pen has a backlit LCD display as well as two-point calibration for precise pH measurements. The pen is powered by a AAA battery and comes with a lab-quality glass probe. Aside from soil, this pH pen from Bluelab even can be used in hydroponic growth materials like coconut coir. This pen also can monitor temperature. Amazon best-selling product B08X6VH3PY CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#8 PH Meter, 3-in-1 TDS/PH/Temperature Meter

This is the high technology pH meter with bulb design for more accurate and sensitive. The bulb is what makes this pH meter outstanding with others. The reaction speed of the DTS PH meter has been considerably improved and achieve a genuine level of 0.01 thanks to the bulb design. The meter features one-key lock value function, which will lock the measure value when it is steady, so you can easy read the result from the display. The TDS meter also comes with automated temperature adjustment, which can help you get the most accurate reading. It also offers a wide range of temperature from 0 °C to 60 °C (32 °F-140 °F). allowing you to test in any situation. Amazon best-selling product B08XM6WBSY CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#9 GOWITA Soil pH Meter, Soil Test Kit 4-in-1

This is another multiple purpose digital soil meter that offers parameter of soil moisture, pH, temperature and light intensity. Remember that it is for soil only, it cannot test water. It is powered by 9V alkaline battery. This meter only takes 5 seconds to read all the parameters and show in the LCD screen. It offers automatically shut down function, which helps save energy and 200mm probe for very accurate result. Amazon best-selling product B08228CNGT CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#10 VIVOSUN 3-in-1 Digital pH Meter

The pH meter of VIVOSUN offers testing result of pH, TDS and temperature. Although this meter is small with the pocket size but it is designed with many smart functions such as three-point automatic calibration and automatic temperature compensation. The pH range of this meter is so wide – 0-14 pH level, and 0.01 pH resolution. If features digital green backlit display, which allows you to read the results in any situations.