What Is the Best Way to Ship Marijuana?

Marijuana is still a sensitive issue and cannabis laws are still very strict in many countries. Therefore, the delivery of marijuana will bring great risks to both the sender and the receiver. Getting caught shipping marijuana will result in a fine for the sender and certainly no one wants that.

However, there is still the best way to ship marijuana without getting busted. These ways do not guarantee 100% security because it depends on many factors, but they will help both the sender and the receiver reduce the risk as much as possible.

Here are the best ways to mail weed safely that you can refer to.

#1 Mailing Marijuana With USPS

U.S. The Postal Service is, in fact, a federal government agency, but surprisingly, it’s the best way to ship marijuana. There are two reasons behind why you should use USPS to deliver marijuana and not another mailing service.

First, USPS strictly adheres to many rules about package inspection. They cannot arbitrarily open any package, including packages that “look suspicious” if they do not have any warrant. They must have a reasonable warrant for this check.

Second, the USPS doesn’t have the resources to X-ray or let drug dogs sniff all the orders they need to process each day. This huge volume of orders will make it impossible for them to thoroughly check all orders. So, the rate of your order being shipped smoothly is very high. Don’t forget to pay with cash.

However, that rate is not 100%, because the USPS is a federal agency, they must randomly pick up a number of packages for inspection. And it cannot be ruled out that the random package is yours.

#2 Mailing with Private Delivery Services

Many people believe that using a private mailing service is safer when not involving the federal government. However, we believe that private mailing services like DHL, UPS or FedEx are riskier than USPS.

These private mailing services are famous for their opening packages and stealing. That is why it is possible that your package will be exchanged or lost. Package privacy is not guaranteed.

In addition, private mailing services will often require a return address as well as come with a rather high shipping fee.

#3 Shipping with Canada Post

Sending marijuana or anything related to marijuana through Canada Post is also a low-risk option. Cannabis law is a little easier in Canada than it is in the US. And they won’t use sniffer dogs to find packages containing marijuana.

Random checks of packages are also easier to get through when they don’t check them too closely. However, it is also inevitable that they will discover marijuana in your package.

#4 Use Vape Cartridges

Using vape cartridges will help mask the strong scent of marijuana even when it’s well packaged. Vape cartridges can block the smell of whatever marijuana strain is emitting from the room, and that scent often makes your package easy to catch.

However, it is also a crime to ship vape cartridges through the mail, as vape cartridges are listed as a concentrate. So, this method is also quite risky.

#5 Use Multiple Layers of Packaging

Using multiple layers of packaging is a simple yet very effective way to block the strong scents emanating from marijuana. Just with this simple operation, the sender can increase the ability to smoothly ship his order.

You should prepare about 5 layers of packaging to wrap around the base layer of plastic packaging containing marijuana. Another trick to minimize odors, avoid being detected by dogs, is to wash the layers of packaging with soap and water.

Using this method will naturally help you conceal your order, but it cannot guarantee complete security.

#6 Use Vacuum Sealed Bags

While not as effective as using vape cartridges, vacuum sealed bags will help mask the smell of marijuana to some extent. This is a cost-effective way, and it also helps you avoid the crime associated with shipping vape cartridges.

However, this way you still need to use multiple layers of vacuum sealed bags to maximize the smell of marijuana.

#7 Camouflage Packaging

Don’t forget to disguise your packaging with things like clothing, souvenirs, candies, bottles of vitamins, or any other item that you might be hiding marijuana with. This is also the way many online seed banks send marijuana seeds to their customers. Can’t deny it is one of the best ways to ship marijuana.

You should use a brand-new box to store these camouflage items with marijuana. A brand new and tightly sealed cardboard box will not allow any odors to pass through, and it will also be less suspicious than shabby old cardboard boxes.