10 Best Organic Fertilizer for Marijuana 2021

Providing natural soil, sowing seeds, adequate watering and lighting, are they all the things you need to grow your own marijuana? Unfortunately, growing marijuana at home is not as easy as it seems to be. One of the most important factors that many new growers skip over or providing wrong way is fertilizers.

Best organic fertilizer for marijuana provides your plants with the nutrients they require. Apply the right fertilizer for each grow stage may help plants grow healthy, flourish, and assuring optimal harvests with heavy, dense bud. In order to make the decision easier for you among unlimited options out there, this list is best organic fertilizer for marijuana that you should consider.

Comparison Table of Organic Fertilizer for Weed

Top 7 Organic Fertilizer for Marijuana

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#1 Biobizz: Bio Grow – Bio Bloom – Top Max

This product form Biobizz is a combo of 3 bottles. They are certified as 100% organic. These fertilizers are comprehensive combo that can be used throughout the life cycle of plant development, including the vegetative and flowering stages. They are the common fertilizers for both beginner and seasoned cannabis producers. In the Biobizz website, you can find a full nutrition regimen, base that you can know how much and when you should feed your plants.

Bio Grow is a comprehensive fertilizer that should be used at any growth period. Bio Bloom is great supplement for your plants when they begin to bloom; it is a perfect blend of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, amino acids, and enzymes that results in huge, powerful buds. The last one is Top Max, it is meant to work in conjunction with Bio Bloom during the whole flowering season. Top Max boosts the buds enhance the bud flavour, and boosts nutrient absorption.

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#2 SUPERthrive VI30155 Plant Vitamin Solution

SUPERthrive is one of the best fertilizers for marijuana, this fertilizer is especially beneficial during the flowering stage. Leaf spraying, watering soil system, hydroponics are all possible applications. The SUPERthrive VI30155 plant foot is extremely concentrated and contains a combination of non-toxic vitamins. Because it is very concentrated, you should be careful when feeding your plants. It is recommended to mix a drop with water gallons. The SUPERthrive aids in the establishment of a strong root system, reducing transplant stress, and restore the soil.

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#3 HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel

If you are more prefer to adjust nutrient for yours plants at all phases of its life cycle than using a pre-mix fertilizer, HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel is great option to use. It’s a well-balanced blend of vitamins, nutrients, hormones, and antifungal enzymes. The fertilizer is made from natural minerals and plant extracts that are entirely natural and organic. It is a rich source of essential nutrients to avoid potassium shortage and aid in the growth of leaves and plants. It will help strengthen the roots system, a vivid green colour of the leaf, and powerful and delicious buds.

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#4 Humboldts Secret Golden Tree: All-in-One Concentrated Organic Additive

This fertilizer aids in the activation of enzymes that stimulate photosynthesis in plants. This all-in-one soil supplement can help to enhance and boost plants health and quantity yield by nearly 20%, resulting in heavier, bigger buds. This organic fertilizer is completely safe for you your plants. It also includes carbohydrates, kelp, amino acids, and minerals, which can help revitalize plants that are dying. This fertilizer can be used in any type of growth method.

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#5 Nature’s Care Organic Blood Meal

If your marijuana plants start become yellow leaf, or fade away, that can be the sign of lacking nitrogen. And you should provide your plants with nitrogen-rich fertilizer like this Nature’s Care Organic Blood Meal. Thanks to the NPK ratio 12-0-0, it enhances vibrant green color of the leaf and vigorous growth. It rejuvenates plants, guarantee consistent amino-acid producing and chlorophyll synthesis, and support photosynthetic process. Natural’s Care Blood Meal, on the other hand, is not recommended for early seedlings or clones. But during different growth phases, you should apply it once for every 6 weeks.

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#6 Down to Earth Organic Crab Meal Fertilizer Mix 4-3-0

If you need for a unique organic formula of fertilizer, Crab Meal is a good option. The main ingredient of Crab Meal is crab shells. The NPK ratio of this fertilizer is 4-3-0 is, that means it is high in calcium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, all of which are beneficial to cannabis plants. Crab Meal’s nutrients are gradually released to your plants, so the fertilizer will last for so long and you do not need to re-apply it frequently. This fertilizer is suitable for both blooming and vegetative period of cannabis.

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#7 FoxFarm FX14002 Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate

FoxFarm is a well-known brand that is a good choice for new gardeners, and the FoxFarm’s Liquid Nutrient Trio combo are very popular among marijuana growers. However, in this combo, only this Big Bloom formula is organic, 100% natural and safe. With the NPK ratio of 0-5-7, this fertilizer should be used when you see the first sign of bud. The flavor and scent of your buds are enhanced by this quick plant nourishment.