Carbon steel fillet knife vs stainless steel knife: Which is better knife to go for?

When I first researched for the best fillet knife, I was in two minds between best carbon steel fillet knife vs stainless steel knife. Both of them are the most popular type of fillet knife, they also have their own pros and cons. For such a long time, I have been use stainless steel knife and also advised it for my friends as well.

However, I recently start use carbon steel fillet knife for many reasons. Fillet knives are designed to helps eliminate bones and skin from fish, chicken and other meat, but different material will make the difference on quality and maintenance. Here are the details about these materials and also my recommendation of the carbon steel and stainless steel knife products that you should consider.

#1 Carbon steel knife vs stainless steel knife

If you do not use the fillet knife regularly, so I would like to recommend stainless steel knife for you. This is because stainless steel has the great ability of resistance to corrosion and rust. It is easy to clean and requires you less effort of maintenance. A stainless steel blade also more durable and being easy to sharpen than carbon steel.

On the other hands, carbon steel is more common for professional chefs. If fillet is your regularly job and you do it frequently, so you should go for carbon steel. Although carbon steel be harder to clean and more easier to be fragile than stainless steel, that means you will have to spend more effort to maintain it. Carbon steel retain the sharpness much longer than stainless steel. The carbon steel blade has the razor sharp for precision cutting.

#2 My choice of best stainless steel knife

KastKing Fillet Knife

This KastKing Fillet Knife available in 4 sizes are: 5”, 6”, 7”, 9 inch, what makes KastKing knife suitable for both smaller and larger fish. It features German stainless steel blade that ensure its razor sharp and flexible for precise cutting. KastKing is equipped with a non-slip grip that made by polymer for control.

The KastKing knife is more prefer for using outdoors as when you go fishing. It comes with a durable sheath that is designed with the small open holes to allow the blade can dry out if it is wet. The sheath is designed to stay in place ensure the safety especially when you carry it.

Kershaw Clearwater Fillet Knife

This Kershaw knife is available in 2 sizes are 7 inch blade and a larger 9 inch blade length, what make it ideal for medium and large fish or tougher meat. However, if you are looking for the shorter blade for smaller freshwater, this may not really suitable. The blade is crafted with Japanese stainless steel for corrosion and rust resistant

It comes with the black plastic that is equipped with a belt holster, so the blade will be protected its razor sharp, ensure the safety and easy to carry. The handle is made from co-polymer soft rubber material, what make it non-slip and create the comfort feeling to hold.

#3 Best carbon steel knife

Dexter P94813 Narrow Fillet Knife, 8-Inch

If you are looking for an affordable option with the good quality, so you should consider this knife from Dexter Russell. It comes with an 8 inch high carbon steel blade. The downside here is that it is only available in 8 inch blade, so it may not suitable for filling smaller fish. However, the blade is flexible for easy moving.

The blade is designed for easy sharpening and maintaining. This knife is ideal for regular use. The handle is made of polypropylene and features a non-slip grip for optimum control. It is lightweight but the drawback is that it does not come with a sheath.

Mercer Culinary Millennia Narrow Fillet Knife

If you have a limit budget, you can go for Mercer Culinary Millennia. It is made from high-carbon Japanese steel blade. It features an ergonomic handle for the comfortable, non-slip grip. The handle also has an angled finger guard which will ensure your safety even you use it in the kitchen or outdoor.

However, the downside here is that it does not comes with a knife sheath. It will make the inconvenient for you when you need to bring it outside. The high carbon steel material make this knife very strong, durable and sharp. Not only filleting meat and fish, this knife is also can be used for chopping vegetables, hard fruits, and even bread.

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