How to properly choose the best bowfishing kit?

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Many people mistakenly assumed that prepare for bowfishing would be a lengthy process and it requires a boat with fully outfitted. If you’ve been doing your research about bowfishing, best bowfishing kits would be a good place to start for you and those who love this water-based sports.

You might also be pleasantly surprised to learn that you do not need very much to shooting fish. This guide are some tips for you when choosing the best gear.

#1 Choose the right bow types

The bows come in 2 main different types and them have a litter different. They are recurve bows and compound bows. The recurve bows offer the serious power while require less strength to draw. If you are beginner, we recommend you should choose this type of bow as it easy to use.

The recurve bows also ideal for the quick shoot. They are also much cheaper making them the budget-friendly option for anyone just starting out. However, the drawback of them is that you cannot adjust the draw weigh of it and also more difficult to aim.

The compound bows offer you more time to aim the target, improve the accuracy of your shot and also reduces the risk of fatigue or discomfort creeping in. Compound bows allows you to adjust the draw weight, making it a perfect option for sport hunters.

However, they are not only more expensive but also require more effort to maintain. You have to clean it daily to ensure smooth operation.

#2 You do not need expensive gear

An attractive point of this spots is that you can play it for relatively little expense. You do not need a high quality bow, instead of it, you should focus on finding a bow you’re comfortable shooting. You even can look for the used bows.

Fiberglass bowfishing arrows can run between $10 and $20 each, depending on the brand. However, you should not get the cheap arrows and tips as they are what directly affect your result.

#3 Comfortable grip

This factor is what people often lookover,  however, the grip is You’re going to be using it a lot and bring the good bowfishing experience. You may have to shoot all bay and the discomforted grip will make your hands blister. You’ll be surprised how quickly a painful sore can appear when you’re using a poor grip.