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Could Cbd Treat Depression?

Recent researches have shown that CBD is capable of cooperating with the body's endocannabinoid system to reduce the manifestations of depression. Pre-clinical research affirms CBD's antidepressant potential. To understand how CDB effectively treats or eases depression, read on.

As indicated by the World Health Organization, 25% of Europeans experience the ill effects of anxiety or depression every year. oil reduces inflammation and pain. Plus, there are several other led grow lights. In the US, it is evaluated that in 2015, not less than 16.1 million adults beyond 18 had experienced depression at least once in their life. Depression is normally treated with antidepressants like specific serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), and antipsychotic drugs. In any case, CBD has as of late picked up prominence as an alternative treatment for depression. In addition, research greatly encourages and also supports its utilization.

What is depression?

Notwithstanding its cause, the side effects of depression are regularly very comparative. It is portrayed by the hosing of state of mind, loss of inspiration, loss of interest, loss of vitality, restlessness and loss of sleep. Depression additionally comes with mental issues like loss of fixation and a decreased capacity to think. Depression is a noteworthy hazard factor for suicide and self-harm, substance misuse, and poor health outcomes.

Depression regularly gets simplified as a neurochemical unevenness and is treated as such. In any case, numerous scientists believe that neurochemical inadequacies are a side effect, rather than a reason for depression. If you read out the how to make cbd oil about the recipes of essential oil then the following ones. All things considered, numerous specialists and scientists have directed their concentration toward counteractive actions and limiting causes or triggers.

Will cbd cure depression?

No. But notwithstanding, it has demonstrated significant promise in treating depression. The human body delivers its own cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids, helped by the utilization of fatty acids found in foods such as seeds, nuts and fish. Studies also show that CBD is equipped for collaborating with the body's endocannabinoid system. If you’re not sure, try herb grinder. This hedges your bets as it will manage shine. The endocannabinoid framework is a system of cell receptors and atoms that helps to manage human functions like sleep, appetite and mood. By binding to explicit receptors in the human brain, endocannabinoids augment the activity of serotonin, a neurochemical that relieves stress and improves mid.

How can cbd treat depression?

CBD suppresses the side effects of depression by enhancing the action of the receptors to which serotonin binds. CBD's effects on the endocannabinoid system and its capacity to optimize and release serotonin are in charge of creating the relaxing and calming effects that are normally connected with cannabidiol.

Numerous individuals find that THC can be especially viable for abrupt flare-ups of depression. This is on the grounds that THC stimulates an arrival of dopamine in the human brain. Since both dopamine and serotonin can be influenced by things like mental state, stress, and exercise, individuals experiencing depression ordinarily produce less of them. One of the most commonly used best weed grinderis to steam the face, which reduces the sebum buildup. All things considered, a blend of the two cannabinoids could conceivably work as a fast "lift-me-up" during times of intense sadness.

What does the science say?

The conclusions arrived at by logical studies supports the utilization of CBD as a potential treatment for both anxiety and depression.

What Is the Best Way to Ship Marijuana?

Marijuana is still a sensitive issue and cannabis laws are still very strict in many countries. Therefore, the delivery of marijuana will bring great risks to both the sender and the receiver. Getting caught shipping marijuana will result in a fine for the sender and certainly no one wants that. However, there is still the best way to ship marijuana without getting busted. These ways do not guarantee 100% security because it depends on many factors, but they will help both the sender and the receiver reduce the risk as much as possible. Here are the best ways to mail weed safely that you can refer to.

#1 Mailing Marijuana With USPS

U.S. The Postal Service is, in fact, a federal government agency, but surprisingly, it's the best way to ship marijuana. There are two reasons behind why you should use USPS to deliver marijuana and not another mailing service. First, USPS strictly adheres to many rules about package inspection. They cannot arbitrarily open any package, including packages that "look suspicious" if they do not have any warrant. They must have a reasonable warrant for this check. Second, the USPS doesn't have the resources to X-ray or let drug dogs sniff all the orders they need to process each day. This huge volume of orders will make it impossible for them to thoroughly check all orders. So, the rate of your order being shipped smoothly is very high. Don’t forget to pay with cash. However, that rate is not 100%, because the USPS is a federal agency, they must randomly pick up a number of packages for inspection. And it cannot be ruled out that the random package is yours.

#2 Mailing with Private Delivery Services

Many people believe that using a private mailing service is safer when not involving the federal government. However, we believe that private mailing services like DHL, UPS or FedEx are riskier than USPS. These private mailing services are famous for their opening packages and stealing. That is why it is possible that your package will be exchanged or lost. Package privacy is not guaranteed. In addition, private mailing services will often require a return address as well as come with a rather high shipping fee.

#3 Shipping with Canada Post

Sending marijuana or anything related to marijuana through Canada Post is also a low-risk option. Cannabis law is a little easier in Canada than it is in the US. And they won't use sniffer dogs to find packages containing marijuana. Random checks of packages are also easier to get through when they don't check them too closely. However, it is also inevitable that they will discover marijuana in your package.

#4 Use Vape Cartridges

Using vape cartridges will help mask the strong scent of marijuana even when it's well packaged. Vape cartridges can block the smell of whatever marijuana strain is emitting from the room, and that scent often makes your package easy to catch. However, it is also a crime to ship vape cartridges through the mail, as vape cartridges are listed as a concentrate. So, this method is also quite risky.

#5 Use Multiple Layers of Packaging

Using multiple layers of packaging is a simple yet very effective way to block the strong scents emanating from marijuana. Just with this simple operation, the sender can increase the ability to smoothly ship his order. You should prepare about 5 layers of packaging to wrap around the base layer of plastic packaging containing marijuana. Another trick to minimize odors, avoid being detected by dogs, is to wash the layers of packaging with soap and water. Using this method will naturally help you conceal your order, but it cannot guarantee complete security.

#6 Use Vacuum Sealed Bags

While not as effective as using vape cartridges, vacuum sealed bags will help mask the smell of marijuana to some extent. This is a cost-effective way, and it also helps you avoid the crime associated with shipping vape cartridges. However, this way you still need to use multiple layers of vacuum sealed bags to maximize the smell of marijuana.

#7 Camouflage Packaging

Don't forget to disguise your packaging with things like clothing, souvenirs, candies, bottles of vitamins, or any other item that you might be hiding marijuana with. This is also the way many online seed banks send marijuana seeds to their customers. Can’t deny it is one of the best ways to ship marijuana. You should use a brand-new box to store these camouflage items with marijuana. A brand new and tightly sealed cardboard box will not allow any odors to pass through, and it will also be less suspicious than shabby old cardboard boxes.  

10 Best Digital Soil pH Meter – Digital Meter for Experts and Beginner Grower

For every grower, from expert farmers to home gardeners, a pH meter is absolutely required tool. A proper pH level is essential for the optimal growth of plants and vegetables. The best way to know the current condition of your soil, figure out what type of fertilizer and how much fertilizer it need is testing it. There are some types of soil pH meter to choose from. In this article, I would like to introduce some of the Best Digital Soil pH meters. The digital pH meters like ones I’m going to review below, are more convenient and accurate than other soil testing method like chemical dye or strip test. Digital tester often regarded as the most trustworthy equipment for monitoring soil quality.

Top 10 Digital Soil pH Meter 2021

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#1 Lustre Leaf 1605 Rapitest Digital Soil Test Kit

If you are looking for the pH meter that comes from reliable, industry leader company, Lustre Leaf 1605 Rapitest is excellent option to pick. Luster Leaf Products, Inc., is a pioneer in outdoor garden tools, it has been in business for 60 years. The Luster Leaf digital tester gives you quick and simple measurements of your soil's pH and NPK levels. The meter will show the result of N, P, K level on a scale and indicate the nutrient in your soil is excess, sufficient or deficient. It also shows the pH level of the soil. Especially, it comes with a handbook with advice for enriching soil for over 450 different types of plants. Amazon best-selling product B0963HYQYT CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#2 Cyann Soil PH Meter, 4-in-1 Soil Tester

Cyann soil pH meter is one of the most reliable and best-selling meter on the market. This 4-in-1 soil tester allows to monitor soil moisture, pH, temperature, and plant sunlight intensity. This 2021 new version of Cyann meter is improved the needle detection technology for greatly improves detection speed and accuracy. It features large LCD display with green backlight for easy to see and 8.07 inches probe. I love the small, convenient and compact design of this meter. Amazon best-selling product B06XKMH86J CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#3 VIVOSUN pH and TDS Meter Combo

This digital meter features a LCD screen to show the result. It has two meters: a yellow one for pH testing and a blue one for detecting total dissolved solids. This meter can measure pH level for water or any type of liquid as well as soil.

For measuring soil pH, mixing a sample in water. It is a wonderful tool for gardening since it measures the whole pH range from 0 to 14, and it is accurate and quick. Aside from your garden soil, you also can use it for your aquarium and freshwater. With this device, if you have pH or nutritional issues, you can fix them more quickly. Amazon best-selling product B003PD2N8Q CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#4 Bluelab METCOM Combo Meter

For expert gardeners, this Meter is excellent. The pH, conductivity, and temperature of are all tested by this device to see if any changes or nutrients are required. The 716441 Bluelab Combo Meter is a lightweight and compact device that fits nicely in a pocket and you can easy carry it when wearing gardening gloves. It also comes with a large display screen for easy to see and only one button allows quickly calibration. Amazon best-selling product B099DN3258 CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#5 MASiKEN 5-in-1 Digital Soil Test Meter

This one of the modernist soil tester out there. Masiken meter is multiple purposes device with 5 functions. It features a big LCD screen that show easy-to-read different data of soil temperature, moisture, light Illuminance, acidity, and environment hygrometer. The display has green backlight so you can read the data even in dark condition. It's comes with a durable needle that is difficult to damage a single needle sensor. If you not utilized the meter for 5 minutes, automatic shutdown features can help conserve energy. The new chip eliminates the problem of earlier versions that provide incorrect readings. Amazon best-selling product B0032WFD4G CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#6 Luster Leaf Digital Moisture Meter

This moisture meter, as its name implies, provides digital readings, what is more reliable and accurate than others. The moisture levels are monitored in real time, and the results are easy to read thanks to the simple digital display. The meter comes with a list of the most popular varieties of plants. This meter was designed and manufactured in America by Luster Leaf. It also shows you the pH and moisture levels. It is considered as the best pH soil meter since it advises the grower about the time and the amount of water. Furthermore, this meter features a long stainless-steel probe that can capture root-level measurements. Amazon best-selling product B00CJIDFAS CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#7 Bluelab PENSOILPH pH Pen for Soil

Bluelab pH pen provides very precise acid/alkaline findings, for even commercial farmer, hydroponic or backyard garden growers. The pen has a backlit LCD display as well as two-point calibration for precise pH measurements. The pen is powered by a AAA battery and comes with a lab-quality glass probe. Aside from soil, this pH pen from Bluelab even can be used in hydroponic growth materials like coconut coir. This pen also can monitor temperature. Amazon best-selling product B08X6VH3PY CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#8 PH Meter, 3-in-1 TDS/PH/Temperature Meter

This is the high technology pH meter with bulb design for more accurate and sensitive. The bulb is what makes this pH meter outstanding with others. The reaction speed of the DTS PH meter has been considerably improved and achieve a genuine level of 0.01 thanks to the bulb design. The meter features one-key lock value function, which will lock the measure value when it is steady, so you can easy read the result from the display. The TDS meter also comes with automated temperature adjustment, which can help you get the most accurate reading. It also offers a wide range of temperature from 0 °C to 60 °C (32 °F-140 °F). allowing you to test in any situation. Amazon best-selling product B08XM6WBSY CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#9 GOWITA Soil pH Meter, Soil Test Kit 4-in-1

This is another multiple purpose digital soil meter that offers parameter of soil moisture, pH, temperature and light intensity. Remember that it is for soil only, it cannot test water. It is powered by 9V alkaline battery. This meter only takes 5 seconds to read all the parameters and show in the LCD screen. It offers automatically shut down function, which helps save energy and 200mm probe for very accurate result. Amazon best-selling product B08228CNGT CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#10 VIVOSUN 3-in-1 Digital pH Meter

The pH meter of VIVOSUN offers testing result of pH, TDS and temperature. Although this meter is small with the pocket size but it is designed with many smart functions such as three-point automatic calibration and automatic temperature compensation. The pH range of this meter is so wide – 0-14 pH level, and 0.01 pH resolution. If features digital green backlit display, which allows you to read the results in any situations.

10 Best Organic Fertilizer for Marijuana 2021

Providing natural soil, sowing seeds, adequate watering and lighting, are they all the things you need to grow your own marijuana? Unfortunately, growing marijuana at home is not as easy as it seems to be. One of the most important factors that many new growers skip over or providing wrong way is fertilizers. Best organic fertilizer for marijuana provides your plants with the nutrients they require. Apply the right fertilizer for each grow stage may help plants grow healthy, flourish, and assuring optimal harvests with heavy, dense bud. In order to make the decision easier for you among unlimited options out there, this list is best organic fertilizer for marijuana that you should consider.

Comparison Table of Organic Fertilizer for Weed

Top 7 Organic Fertilizer for Marijuana

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#1 Biobizz: Bio Grow - Bio Bloom - Top Max

This product form Biobizz is a combo of 3 bottles. They are certified as 100% organic. These fertilizers are comprehensive combo that can be used throughout the life cycle of plant development, including the vegetative and flowering stages. They are the common fertilizers for both beginner and seasoned cannabis producers. In the Biobizz website, you can find a full nutrition regimen, base that you can know how much and when you should feed your plants. Bio Grow is a comprehensive fertilizer that should be used at any growth period. Bio Bloom is great supplement for your plants when they begin to bloom; it is a perfect blend of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, amino acids, and enzymes that results in huge, powerful buds. The last one is Top Max, it is meant to work in conjunction with Bio Bloom during the whole flowering season. Top Max boosts the buds enhance the bud flavour, and boosts nutrient absorption. Amazon best-selling product B000EJ0PD4

#2 SUPERthrive VI30155 Plant Vitamin Solution

SUPERthrive is one of the best fertilizers for marijuana, this fertilizer is especially beneficial during the flowering stage. Leaf spraying, watering soil system, hydroponics are all possible applications. The SUPERthrive VI30155 plant foot is extremely concentrated and contains a combination of non-toxic vitamins. Because it is very concentrated, you should be careful when feeding your plants. It is recommended to mix a drop with water gallons. The SUPERthrive aids in the establishment of a strong root system, reducing transplant stress, and restore the soil. Amazon best-selling product B06XK1RWJM CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#3 HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel

If you are more prefer to adjust nutrient for yours plants at all phases of its life cycle than using a pre-mix fertilizer, HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel is great option to use. It's a well-balanced blend of vitamins, nutrients, hormones, and antifungal enzymes. The fertilizer is made from natural minerals and plant extracts that are entirely natural and organic. It is a rich source of essential nutrients to avoid potassium shortage and aid in the growth of leaves and plants. It will help strengthen the roots system, a vivid green colour of the leaf, and powerful and delicious buds. Amazon best-selling product B00FTV06Q8 CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#4 Humboldts Secret Golden Tree: All-in-One Concentrated Organic Additive

This fertilizer aids in the activation of enzymes that stimulate photosynthesis in plants. This all-in-one soil supplement can help to enhance and boost plants health and quantity yield by nearly 20%, resulting in heavier, bigger buds. This organic fertilizer is completely safe for you your plants. It also includes carbohydrates, kelp, amino acids, and minerals, which can help revitalize plants that are dying. This fertilizer can be used in any type of growth method. Amazon best-selling product B00N6XE30Q

#5 Nature's Care Organic Blood Meal

If your marijuana plants start become yellow leaf, or fade away, that can be the sign of lacking nitrogen. And you should provide your plants with nitrogen-rich fertilizer like this Nature's Care Organic Blood Meal. Thanks to the NPK ratio 12-0-0, it enhances vibrant green color of the leaf and vigorous growth. It rejuvenates plants, guarantee consistent amino-acid producing and chlorophyll synthesis, and support photosynthetic process. Natural’s Care Blood Meal, on the other hand, is not recommended for early seedlings or clones. But during different growth phases, you should apply it once for every 6 weeks. Amazon best-selling product B0057K4I7Y CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#6 Down to Earth Organic Crab Meal Fertilizer Mix 4-3-0

If you need for a unique organic formula of fertilizer, Crab Meal is a good option. The main ingredient of Crab Meal is crab shells. The NPK ratio of this fertilizer is 4-3-0 is, that means it is high in calcium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, all of which are beneficial to cannabis plants. Crab Meal’s nutrients are gradually released to your plants, so the fertilizer will last for so long and you do not need to re-apply it frequently. This fertilizer is suitable for both blooming and vegetative period of cannabis. Amazon best-selling product B0002KHDLW

#7 FoxFarm FX14002 Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate

FoxFarm is a well-known brand that is a good choice for new gardeners, and the FoxFarm's Liquid Nutrient Trio combo are very popular among marijuana growers. However, in this combo, only this Big Bloom formula is organic, 100% natural and safe. With the NPK ratio of 0-5-7, this fertilizer should be used when you see the first sign of bud. The flavor and scent of your buds are enhanced by this quick plant nourishment.

Differentiating a snake’s sex

Some snake owners are sometimes curious about the sex of their snakes. Differentiating a snake’s sex is not as easy as it is in other animals. Outwardly, male and female snakes seem to be look alike. Notwithstanding, with a touch of understanding, there are approaches to tell which from which.

#1 Tail Characteristics

Male snakes have a couple of cylinder molded hemipenes (sex organs) that regularly sit within their bodies. They are essentially two little penises that are hidden carefully inside the snake’s tail. Female snakes don’t have them. The hemipenes are found just underneath the cloacal (vent) opening and down along the tail on either side of the snake’s midline. Since these sex organs are not just visible to the eyes on the male snake, they may not be evident to you at first. There are noticeable pieces of information that they are there, however. You have to properly examine the shape and length of the tail to help you obtain the information you require. Male snakes usually have a tail (the part of the snake beginning after the cloacal opening) that is longer and thicker when compared to females. It additionally tapers in an unexpected way: beginning thick and then getting thinner at the tip. Female snakes have a general shorter and thinner tail and this evenly tapers at the tip

#2 Probing

Probing a snake requires embedding a thin metal rod otherwise known as a probe into the cloacal vent of the snake while it is conscious. This extraordinary probe can be embedded further in males since they have a hemipenis on both sides of the vent. The probe will drop further into one of these spaces that goes down further the tip of the tail. In the females, the probe doesn’t go down very far. That is on the grounds that there is no space for it to go when you are coordinating the probe towards the tip of the tail. Females just have little scent gland spaces. Picture two long socks inside the tail of a male snake that open up at the vent of the snake and you are essentially envisioning the hemipenes. The probe will slide down into one of those hemipenes effortlessly if the snake is a male.
  • If it is a female, the probe does not go further than 1-3 scales.
  • If it is a male, the probe can go down as further as 15 scales.
On the probe’s scale, the distinction between the sexes is very sensational. With bigger snakes, the probe is really dropped into to a greater extent a pocket. Probing a snake should just be done in the event that you have somebody to keep your snake still, when you own an averagely sized probe and when you are certain you can do it correctly and carefully. If you are not familiar with this procedure, do not attempt it because you could harm your snake.

#3 Popping Hemipenes

To do this, pressure is solidly but tenderly with a finger on the snake underneath their vent where the hemipenis would turn out. If done appropriately, the hemipenis will effortlessly pop out. This method could cause serious trauma to the snake if not done properly and furthermore, it is recommended to only be done on smaller snakes like the ball python.

Treatment of Poisonous Snake Bite: Mistakes to Avoid

Snakes are often dreaded because of their venomous bites. It can instantly kill its victim after the initial contact. Its fangs are deep and can even rotate, making it easy to inflict deadly wounds to humans. That being said, in the rest of this post, we will look at some of the most common mistakes that should never be committed when treating snake bites. Catch it by best snake trap and best snake chaps Before we start, check out some of the best products to prevent snakes in your homes and gardens, which will make you not too concerned about the treatment of poisonous snake bite. Using best snake bagger will provide you with peace of mind!

Sucking the Venom Out

We all know that venom is what makes the snakes deadly. When they get in the blood system, they can kill cells and disrupt the functions of the body. Your instincts might dictate the first thing that you have to do is to suck the venom out. Yes, it can eliminate the danger, but the problem is that this is not an easy thing to do. Do not do it by mouth as this can only worsen the situation.

Forgetting the Appearance of the Snake

While you might be in a state of panic and paranoia after being bitten by the snake, it is important to have a photographic memory of how the snake looks like. Try to remember as much as possible its color and physical characteristics. The identification of the snake is important to be able to determine the treatment that is appropriate.

Applying a Tourniquet

A lot of people would think that applying a tourniquet will help in treating a poisonous snake bite. However, health experts agree that this obsolete method will not alleviate the threat. Instead, it can only worsen the situation. In 2002, a study has been published at the New England Journal of Medicine, highlighting that tourniquets are ineffective. Instead, the victim should remain calm, the wound should be kept below the heart, and any activity that could cause an increase in heart rate should be avoided.

Applying Ice

If you think that applying ice will restrict the movement of the venom and make you safe from the poison, you are wrong! It is recommended that you do not apply ice or cold compress to the part that has been bitten by the snake. It can only block the circulation of the blood, which can put you in a dangerous situation.

Not Going to the Hospital

After a snake bite and once first aid treatment has been executed, you should not just forget about what happened. Even if you feel fine right there and then, take note that there are some venoms that could take quite a while before the effects can be felt by the body. It will be best to immediately seek medical attention. Identifying the venom and the extent of the problem will be necessary to identify the medical measures that will be executed to keep the victim safe and sound.

Victron Energy – Energy Anytime Anywhere.

Victron Energy MPPT charger - R3500 Victron Energy MPPT charger - R3500

Why do we mention you this brand here?

Of course, this is because Victron Energy the prestige brand out of all the brand manufacturing battery for us.

The Archway Wildlife Rehabilitation INC Ltd supply the UK's leading name in Marine, Telecom and Off Grid Inverters and Chargers.

Victron Energy supply many major UK manufacturers with quality products and at the Archway Wildlife Rehabilitation INC we supply any requirements you have for your Boats, Solar Panel back up, Telecoms and much more with the leading brand name of Victron Energy.

Here are 2 types of Victron Energy that we use without any worry about their quality

#1 Hybrid systems

If the sun is your only available source of energy, the choice becomes simpler. You will choose a solar system in order to meet your demand for energy. If there are more sources available, these could support your solar system. Because the fact is, that the sun isn’t always able to entirely cover your energy demand. A solar system is often supported by a generator set or a wind generator. These energy sources can make certain that the solar deficit is covered.

Designing combinations such as these, which include several energy sources, is what Victron Energy does best.

Victron Energy products are being used in all off-grid and grid-connected systems. For example, oil platforms and private houses and autonomous buildings.

Some of Victron's largest customers include.

#2 Marine market.

Whether you sail for fun or on a professional basis, it is of the utmost importance to have a reliable power supply for all the electrical equipment to properly function, even in the middle of the sea. Victron Energy offers a broad range of products that are extremely suitable for your onboard power system.

Victron Energy products are used in various kinds of vessels: sailing yachts, cruise ships, motor boats sloops, tugboats and container ships. The Archway Wildlife Rehabilitation INC can supply you Victron Energy modern translation for freedom and independence.

Why did North shore choose Victron?

Product quality, worldwide service, competitive pricing and the technical superiority of the product range are all factors that have influenced their decision.

During this time, the installation is not connected to the grid. In the evening and when there is no or little sun, the Quattro’s are supplying the loads with energy from the batteries.

When the battery bank is discharged less than 60%, the Quattro enable the grid to recharge the batteries and power the loads.

Some of the leading products Victron Energy can offer include:

  • Battery Monitors
  • Chargers
  • Inverters
  • Battery Isolators and Combiners
  • Isolation and Auto Transformers
  • Multi-power
  • Solar Power
  • Alternators
  • DC Distribution Systems
  • Panels and System Monitoring
  • Battery Protect

Alright, this is all must-know information that you should know about this Victron Energy. The information mentioned is expected to be helpful for those who want to figure out the products that Victron Energy make...

Note on JAT reservation Agitation

JATAm I JAT? Yes I am a JAT and I am really proud of that I belongs to that community. I know what is the real meaning of JAT. We serve on borders just to make sure that a common Indian can sleep well in their homes. We can grow crops even on unfertilized land with our hard work so that every Indian can get food on time. We never leave our friends in between when they need our help. We are fighters, we are brave hearts, we are hard workers, we are soldiers, we are farmers but we are not thieves. Even in town we so called well educated person do not allow any stranger in our home but went to any JAT house in any village even in night they will give you space inside their home, they will offer you food, they will help you in every possible way. Even today's situation if any of your relative stuck in Jam just ask them to go to near by village and stay there. So I am proud of being a JAT. Am I in support of reservation? NO I am not in favor of cast base reservation. But if every cast is benefited with this shit then why not JAT. Second, So should it be based on financial criteria. Yes it should be but first end reservation of all cast and then give it to needed one. Truth of JAT reservation Agitation: It was a peaceful initially but why it turned violent after 5 days? Regular provocation by BJP MP Rajkumar saini. JAT lawyers who were doing peaceful protest were beaten by saini 35 biradari sena. Then they stone JAT leader shri chotu ram statue. After that they were beaten up by JAT student. On the same night students in collage hostels beaten by police so student gathered from all hostels and beat police. On next day when everything was under control then police opened the fire and shoot in head a student. After that it turned violent. I am not in support of any destruction or any violence. But every destruction was not done by JAT but now media is showing that everything is done by JAT. We are not like that what you are thinking. Before coming to any conclusions read the history of JAT and know the truth. Prayer to my JAT brother: Please stop this all and stop them also who are doing destruction in our state and defaming our community. Jai Hind!

Yes, it was worth it

faceWhen I finished my 8th grade at the one room Butcher School and started my 9th grade at University School, close to the IU campus in Bloomington, Indiana, it was a whole new ball game. Up until now, every day at school I spent the whole time in 1 room with 1 teacher. One teacher taught all the subjects. Now, I would be in one room with a teacher teaching 1 subject for about 1 hour, then I would rush around trying to find the next room to spend 1 hour with another teacher teaching a different subject. Sometimes, I was as lost as a goose. In between you had to try to work the combination on your locker to get it open. My 2 favorites were gym class and shop class. During my 4 years in high school, being a country kid going to a city school, I never felt like I ever fit in. One class we were required to take was biology. To me, this class was as boring as watching paint dry. I spent a lot of time daydreaming. I wasn't interested in naming different parts of a plant, or collecting bugs to stick on pins and put in a cigar box. How I got though all this, I have no idea. One time we studied how to identify trees that grew in our area. For the final test, the teacher took us on a field trip in some woods on campus to identify trees. The teacher would go to a tree, and we would walk to him, one at a time, and whisper to him what kind of tree it was. We looked at a lot of trees. When it was over I was the only one that got them all right. The teacher may have thought he had finally taught me something. I didn't tell anyone, but everything I knew about trees, I learned from my dad. This day was important for a couple of reasons. In 4 years of high school I finally got a 100% on a test, and was at the top of my class for for while. The main reason I wanted to graduate high school was, that's what my mom wanted. In 1956, I walked across that stage in the IU Auditorium wearing that silly looking cap and gown and got my paper saying I graduated high school, the look on my mom's face told me I had done good.Yes, it was worth it.

No other country is willing to tolerate this particular brand of barbarism.

It gets harder each time to know how to respond to the news that there has been another mass shooting. They are not shocking, not even the slightest bit surprising. There are many wonderful things about America, but there is a terrifying intersection here also in our beliefs about guns and our beliefs about mental illness, in the ways our beliefs are expressed in our laws and in the allocations of our resources, in what we have been taught to value and in what those values cause us to do to one another and to allow to be done in our names. I've been dodging calls all week from Planned Parenthood. I'm a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood, but I don't want to be asked for money in the wake of the attack on their Colorado facility. Because I do not believe that shooting had much to do with abortion rights. As I do not believe the Dylann Roof shootings had much to do with racism. Mental illness clutches onto this issue or that issue, those who suffer from it develop obsessions that reflect larger cultural tumult and pathology, but those issues are not the issue. I cried tears of relief when James Holmes was spared the death penalty by one hold-out juror. My heart aches for his parents. And for him. My heart aches for all of us living in a country whose politicians are beholden to the NRA, an organization whose mission is to sell more guns, and whose mentally ill, so many unable to afford any treatment at all, wander our streets and the aisles of our gun stores. And today, the news of another shooting. We don't know yet the stories of those pulling the triggers in San Bernadino or the names of their weapons or the names of their victims. But we do know that no other country chooses to live the way we live.