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Character Interview With Brianna Miller and Giveaway!

As you all know, Common Descent is finally out. To help celebrate, and of course promote, there is a giveaway going on at Rainy of the Dark. Enter to win a signed paperback and read an amusing interview with a character from this third title.


Just click here to enter: Giveaway Link


Jaycie Lerner Fan Art

Here is more fan art I wanted to share with you all. Again, this is compliments of Will Green over at Wayward Things

Name: Jaycie Lerner

Age: 17 Species: Superhuman (Master)

Powers: Telekinetic, Telepathic, Empathic, Omega level telekinesis, Touch clairvoyant.

Weakness: Power is unstable

Relation to the Core: Is a Core Member (Final Master) The Omega


My Favorite Jaycie Lerner Quotes

From Darwin’s Children: “If I do decide to have a Girl’s Gone Wild Moment, I want it to be with some sweet, young thing. Not a senior citizen.”

From Unnatural Law: “Now I have scientific proof that Matt is the perfect guy. Not just for me, for everyone woman on the frickin planet.”

From Common Descent (Coming Soon) “I want their souls, don’t worry. They can have them back.”

Casting Call: The Ghosts of Darwin’s Children

Remember, I just do this for fun. This post is a little different. Today I am casting the spirits that Alonzo Sanchez, the medium in Darwin’s Children, raised from the dead in Unnatural Law. Enjoy!


Meet Eve! Christina Ricci already played a ghost in some movie I can’t remember the name of. So, she’s a natural. The fact that she is pale is a plus.


Jodelle Ferland is a great actress! She blew me away in Silent Hill. She is my dream Heather, the ghost child in Unnatural Law.


I’m pleased to announce that Eve will be making another appearance in Common Descent , set to be released later this year. Happy Saturday! 

Another DC Casting Call

I haven’t done this in awhile. Now, before I get back to doing it, I have to disclaim myself once again. I just do this for fun. Darwin’s Children is not going to be a movie. But, who knows? Maybe one day :) Now, back to the casting calls…


I love Betty White. I mean, who doesn’t love Betty White? I think she would be perfect for Sylvia Nash-grandmother of Haylee Mitchell.


Christina Hendricks! I loved her in Firefly. I think she would play a fantastic Clarissa Fletcher-the sociopathic VP at the Gramm Institute.


Jonathan Trent? I have no idea who this is. He came up in a Google image search, and I think he’s cute. I’d like to see him play Alonzo Sanchez, the mysterious medium.


I hope you enjoyed my picks. I will try to do this once a week, but I’m sure I’ll forget.

Authors, who is your dream cast for the characters in your own books?