The Day The World Went Orange (#2.5)

Seventeen year old Brianna Miller hears voices and suffers from a strange itch. That itch leads to the world changing color, and when the world changes color people around her show up dead. Now the question is whether Brianna is simply a danger to those around her or if she plays a role in a larger supernatural order.


“I just felt like there was no one.” Meghan Snow’s voice trembled, her eyes locked on the two vertical scars on her forearms. “I felt suffocated. Like—like there was a sack over my head, keeping out all hope.” She tucked her bleached blonde hair behind her ear and chewed on her slender lower lip. “Then, I reached for the knife. When I woke up in the ER—“

A low chuckle interrupted the trust circle. Meghan’s eyes widened, while the twelve other patients at Maplewood Mental Hospital turned their heads toward the laughter. “Why do you allow this nutcase in group?” the patient beside Meghan groused. The laughter infused with hiccupping and echoed off the walls. Dr. Filmore leaned into the circle and fixed Brianna Miller with a glare.

“Brianna. Do you feel it’s appropriate to laugh at a suicide attempt?” Brianna crossed one leg over the other and sucked in a breath. “Sounds like you have rich people problems,” she noted, ignoring Dr. Filmore’s question and speaking directly to Meghan.

Meghan gasped. “Excuse me?”

Brianna tilted her head. “It. Sounds. Like. You. Have. Rich. People. Problems.”

Well, at least she doesn’t hear voices.

“Shut it!” Brianna warned, poking a finger at her own temple.

“I tried to kill myself!” Meghan cried, turning to Dr. Filmore for help. Tears fell down her pale cheeks.

Good job, you made her cry. Real nice.

Well, forget purgatory.

Pack for we’re-going-straight-to-hell weather!

Yeah, jerk! Now, we’ll never make friends.

“Hey!” Brianna protested. “We… I have lots of friends!”

Wait! Who taught us about purgatory?

“Crazy bitch.” Meghan pointed an angry finger at Brianna. “She doesn’t even belong here!”


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