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The Deepest BlackThe Deepest Black by Rainy Kaye
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m so glad I got an early copy of this book! It was a wonderful, dark, yet humorous read. Ember was a great MC. I loved the character. I think that sometimes the typical fierce, sword wielding heroine with an unrealistic lack of fear gets kind of old. Well, Ember isn’t that. I love how she marches into the situations she gets into seemingly fearless, then tries to back out as soon as possible. What’s impressive is that she pushes forward no matter how much she’s dreading it. And she gets into a lot of situations. Messed up ones. You see, faeries want her dead so she she starts killing them to stay alive. And these aren’t your typical, glitter dusting faeries. These are flesh eating dark fae. They’re messed up. If Stephen King wrote faeries, these are the ones he’d write. Oh, and the beasties in this book are terrifying. The villain is great. One that you can understand, but one that still needs to be stopped.

Oh, and Remy. I loved him. All the surface qualities of a sexy alpha male with none of the cliches. Bad boys are boring and Remy is not. While he isn’t a man of many words, he has many layers and I loved them all. The kissing scene was hot, which was needed given the moment in the book that they kissed. You’ll know what I mean after you read.

My favorite parts, the truly brilliant bits of this novel are ones I can’t share. Sorry, they kind of have to be a surprise. I will say this book has one of the best endings I’ve ever read. Beautiful and miraculous. A story that may leave you unable to enjoy another one for a while.

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Author: Natasha Larry

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  • Roland Clarke

    Makes me want to check this one out. Thanks Natasha.

    • natashalarry

      You should! It’ll be in a boxed set

      • Roland Clarke

        Thanks very much – lots of reading.

        • natashalarry